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The fees you pay include:

  • the university technology fee, which covers your use of all technology on campus, including computer labs, wireless access, and printing in the library
  • the Health Center fee, which all students taking 7 or more credit hours must pay. Students taking fewer credits may choose to pay this fee in order to obtain services at the Health Center. This fee allows you to visit the Health Center and covers the cost of your office visit.
  • the Student Recreation and Wellness Facility fee, which covers the use of recreation facilities on campus, including the fitness rooms, recreation rooms, and pools
  • the dedicated fee, which is used to pay a portion of the cost of the maintenance of buildings on campus
  • the graduate credit hour fee, which is for all graduate courses (taken for any kind of credit) and for any other courses taken for graduate credit. You may have to pay program related fees, which vary depending on your program.