Dwight W. Hoover Scholarship Application
(Deadline February 11, 2018)

This award honors a former member of the departmental faculty noted for his research, particularly in community historyProfessor Hoover provided distinguished service at Ball State from 1959 to 1991, and a person who studied under his guidance established this award as a tribute to him.  Other members of the student’s family have since joined in funding this scholarship.

The Dwight W. Hoover Scholarship for graduate studies is available for either:

  • Seniors who plan on attending graduate school to study history at Ball State, or
  • Current graduate students continuing their study of history at Ball State

It is also intended for students who show special interest in and/or potential for research in community history and in the United States or abroad. 

Application forms are available online now. Students must submit the completed form, two letters of recommendation, and a 500-word statement to apply. This statement should explain your interest in advanced historical study with particular attention to pursuits, such as community studies or scholarly travel that are especially important to you. 

Students who receive this scholarship must apply it to educational expenses such as tuition, books or other material used in coursework, research, or travel expenses.