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"Departmental Honors in History" is designed to recognize outstanding history majors. Such students are prepared to supplement their course work with reading, writing, or other projects that reflect their commitment to understanding and mastering the basic assumptions and methods of history as a humanistic discipline. To demonstrate this level of achievement, students shall graduate with a 3.5 GPA in history courses, seek additional work in at least two courses and write at least one research paper on a historical topic.


In order to earn the designation "Departmental Honors in History," a student must complete the following program:

The student must enroll in a minimum of two upper-division courses (300 or 400 level), excluding HIST 300, 369, 390, 449, and 469. HIST 450 (Independent Study) may be used for this requirement, if taken for three credit hours. To receive Honors credit for these courses, the student should inform the professor during the first week of class that he or she is preparing for departmental honors. If the professor agrees to supervise work for Honors credit, the student and professor will decide upon the type and quality of academic work the student will do to supplement the required course material. Such honors work might include additional research and writing, creative projects, review essays, supplementary reading or in-class reports. When a program has been agreed upon, the professor will sign the "Permission to Take a History Course for Departmental Honors" form that the student has obtained from the History office. After completion of the course, for which the student must receive a ''B" or above, the professor must sign the "Successful Completion of a History Course for Departmental Honors" form and return it to the History Office.

In addition t o completing two upper-division courses satisfactorily, the student will submit evidence of having written at least one extended (10-15 page) research paper on a historical topic for which she or he received an "A" grade. A paper required for any upper-division history course, including an independent study or Honors College thesis (HONRS 499), may fulfill this criteria. The student must inform the professor who is directing the paper that he or she intends to use it for Departmental Honors. Upon completion of the essay, the professor will complete the "Departmental Honors in History: Research Paper" form (provided by the student) and submit it to the History Department Office. The student must email an electronic copy of his or her paper before the finals period of the semester in which the paper was written. The paper should be sent to the department's Honors Coordinator, Bruce Geelhoed.

Finally, students must have a cumulative 3.5 GPA in all history courses upon graduation.

Students who complete the Departmental Honors requirement will earn the desgnation "Departmental Honors in History" on their official university records.  This achievement will be noted in the commencement program, in departmental records, and on the student's transcript.