Sviatoslav Dmitriev

Sviatoslav Dmitriev

Associate Professor of History


Room:BB 209

Sviatoslav (Slava) Dmitriev joined the Department of History in August 2004. His first book, City Government in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor (Oxford University Press 2005), examines the social and administrative transformation of Greek society within the early Roman Empire, assessing the extent to which the numerous changes in Greek cities during the imperial period ought to be attributed to Roman influence. His most recent monograph, The Greek Slogan of Freedom and Early Roman Politics in Greece (Oxford University Press 2011), elucidates the ways in which the slogan of freedom emerged and developed into the fundamental principle of Greek diplomacy and politics, before the Romans appropriated and used it to establish their domination over the Greeks and the rest of the ancient Mediterranean. Dr. Dmitriev also has published a few articles in professional journals in ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine history. In addition to his teaching and research, he serves as the Director of the Ancient Studies program.

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