Joining a student organization is a great way to make friends, meet with professionals serving as guest speakers, and a great place to chat with professors in an informal setting when they stop by.

Phi Alpha Theta is an honor society for history majors, and Pi Gamma Mu is an honor society for social science majors.  In addition the History Club is available for any student wanting to join regardless of a students major. 

Students interested in ancient history, Eta Sigma Phi may also be an option to engage with students that have similar interests.

History Club

The History Club is a social and academic organization that promotes the study of humankind's historical experience. It encourages formal and informal exchange between students and faculty through receptions, guest speakers, and student forums. 

Annual club activities have included History Film Night, Alumni Day, trips to historical museums exhibits and collections in Chicago and other sites, a book fair, and a faculty vs. student trivial pursuit competition. Membership is open to all interested students. The History Club holds officer elections early in the calendar year (typically January). For more information contact Professor Scott Stephan.  

Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta is an international honor society in history. The society promotes the study of history through the encouragement of research, teaching, publication, and the exchange of learning and thought among historians. 

Students eligible to join the society must meet the following criteria: completion of at least 12 semester hours of history with a minimum grade average of "B+" or better and a minimum grade average of "B" or better in at least 75 percent of the classes outside of the history department. 

Pi Gamma Mu

Pi Gamma Mu is the leading honor society which encourages excellence in the social sciences. Juniors, seniors, and graduate students become eligible to join when they meet the following criteria for membership:

  • upper 35 percent of the class,
  • a grade average of "B" or better,
  • 20 semester hours in social science courses.

Faculty and administrators may also accept the privileges and responsibilities of membership in a college chapter. The international initiation fee is $30. The society not only provides recognition for scholastic achievements, but also offers enrichment opportunities through service projects, publications, scholarships, and lectureship grants.

Eta Sigma Phi

Also, if you want to find like-minded individuals, we encourage you to think about joining Eta Sigma Phi, which is a student organization for people interested in the classics.

Student groups like Eta Sigma Phi are a great way to make friendshear professional speakers, and mingle with professors outside of the classroom. Eta Sigma Phi is an organization made up of students who each share the joy of learning about Latin and Greek studies. We welcome students from all majors to join for food, fellowship, and the exchange of thoughts.  These are opportunities that will further enhance what you are learning about ancient studies in the classroom.