History Department

Ancient Studies Minor

The ancient studies minor allows students from different departments at Ball State to learn about and appreciate the many achievements of ancient civilizations (primarily Greece and Rome), which continue to fascinate and influence the life of people today.

Courses required for the ancient studies minor are offered by the Departments of Anthropology, History, Modern Languages and Classics, and Philosophy and Religious Studies, so that students have a chance to appreciate the history, culture, daily life, learning, and numerous other aspects of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations.

The knowledge about the ancient world is necessary for anyone, but—in practical terms—this knowledge is also a welcome prerequisite if you wish to study and teach world history, various aspects of the world civilization, world archaeology and anthropology, museum studies, the history of philosophy, and a whole range of issues in such fields as education and cultural studies.

If you want to enhance your appreciation of world history and culture, aspire to go to a graduate school, or/and plan to teach world history and civilization, you will find the ancient studies minors beneficial.