Whether you’re completing a required honors course in science or global studies, an honors colloquium or a senior thesis or creative project of your choice, the Honors College promises in-depth exploration and thought-provoking discussion in a personal learning environment.

In small classes, you’ll share your ideas and opinions while also listening to and learning from creative professors and other bright students from different majors and backgrounds. Honors College course work will help you broaden your perspective, consider different ideas, prepare for new experiences and situations, boost your confidence, improve your public speaking skills, and think and write more critically.

Beyond the classroom, students and faculty work side-by-side on intense, hands-on, immersive learning projects that benefit real people, communities, and businesses. Honors students regularly take part in semester-long projects through the Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry and the Business Fellows  or Honors Fellowship  program. Ball State’s Digital Media Institutes offer innovative technology opportunities.

Apply Today
If you have a strong academic record and SAT/ACT scores, we invite you to apply for admission to the Honors College. Other admission factors include the strength of your high school curriculum, including the number of advanced placement (AP) or international baccalaureate (IB) courses completed, letters of reference and your statement of interest on the application itself.