What are the requirements for admission to the Honors College and requirements to stay in the Honors College?

Requirements for Admission to the Honors College

The review for honors admission is broad and is intended to reflect the whole person, not only numerical criteria. These include activities and awards, strength of curriculum beyond the basic requirements for the Indiana Academic Honors Diploma, extracurricular involvement on campus and in the community, letters of reference, and the like.

  • The Honors College looks at course choice (number of honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses taken), pattern of performance (are your grades rising or falling?), and unusual educational experiences (International Baccalaureate (IB), AP, study abroad) .
  •  There are some objective standards:
  1. Academic Performance: 
  2. You must have the Indiana Academic Honors Diploma or (if out of state) an equivalent curriculum.
  3. Grades
  4. You should have more As than Bs or Cs in core academic courses (unweighted). This translates into about a 3.60 on Ball State’s academic index assessment (this is not the same as your grade point average). The maximum academic index is 4.00.
    • The academic index is a recalculation of grades based on unweighted grades in English, foreign language, math, science, and social science. It does not include other excellent courses such as concert choir, band, art, and physical education.
  5. Standardized Test Scores
  6. You are strongly encouraged to take both the SAT and the ACT and to take both tests more than once (unless, of course, you get a perfect score the first time).
    • Honors College admission standards are approximately:
      • 1810 SAT with a verbal and writing score of at least 600, math 570
      • 27 ACT with an English and writing score of at least 26, math 25

Requirements for staying in the Honors College

  • 3.0 grade point average (on a 4.0 scale) at the end of your freshman year to stay in the Honors College.
  • Must have at least a 3.15 GPA at the end of your second year and have completed at least three of the required Honors core courses.
  • Must have a 3.33 overall GPA and complete the full Honors curriculum, including the Senior Honors Thesis or Creative Project to graduate with the Honors Diploma.
  • Fulfill the requirements stated on your degree program (DegreeWorks).