Honors Credit for Regular Courses

Would you like to convert a regular course into an honors course? With prior approval, Honors College students may take a regularly offered departmental course in any college or major and receive honors credit for it. Here’s how.

Different Work
First, you and the course instructor must agree in advance that your work will be sufficiently different in quality or quantity (or both) from the typical student’s work in that class. This may involve weekly conferences with the instructor, completion of a special project, or another arrangement agreed upon by you and the instructor.

Honors Contract
Second, you must submit an Honors Contract (PDF), signed by the course instructor, for approval by the dean of the Honors College. If you cannot download and print the form, you may pick up a copy at the Honors College office in the Ball Honors House. These proposals are due early in the semester when the course is taken. There is space on the contract for your description of the "honors difference" - this description must contain sufficient detail to allow evaluation of the proposal.

If the proposal is approved, near the end of the class or semester/term, a note will be sent to the instructor to verify satisfactory completion of the contract’s terms. When you have successfully fulfilled the contract, the notation “Honors” will be added below the course name and number on your grade report and will appear on your transcript.

If you intend to use this contract to meet any of the honors requirements, you should clearly indicate that on the contract you submit so the appropriate exceptions can be made on your DegreeWorks. There are some restrictions on which and how many honors requirements can be met by contract. Please review the guidelines on the downloadable contract proposal form and/or consult your honors advisor. If you wish, you may also set up an appointment to talk over your plan with the dean or associate dean. To make an appointment, call 765-285-1024 and ask for a time that works for you.

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