Some departments occasionally offer restricted “H” sections of University Core Curriculum courses that are available only to honors students.

Such sections have been provided in  MATH 125 (Mathematics Applications) and COMM 210 (Fundamentals of Public Communication). Honors students who need a semester of freshman English may take ENG 114 (Honors English Composition 2) instead of ENG 104 (English Composition 2).

Honors sections differ from regular sections of the same courses in several respects:

Class Size
Average enrollment in an honors section is between 15 and 25 students. In a regular section, the class size can range anywhere from 30 students to more than 100.


Honors sections usually emphasize class discussions, essays rather than objective testing, and reading that focuses on both primary and secondary material.

As in all honors classes, students are asked to evaluate these sections each semester to help guarantee continued improvement and excellence.

Note: Such courses do not fulfill Honors College requirements.  Honors students are not required to take the “H” sections of these classes. Enrolling in these sections is an option you may choose.