To graduate from the Honors College, you must successfully complete a freshman seminar, the Honors Core Curriculum, two honors colloquia, and a senior project or thesis. Many other honors course options are available but not required. Refer to info for current students to see which courses are offered in upcoming semesters.

Honors students must maintain an overall grade point average of 3.33 or higher (on a 4.0 scale).

Freshman Seminar
All new Honors College students must take the freshman seminar (1 credit) in the fall semester. This course will orient you to the Honors College and Ball State. It is supervised by an advanced honors student (Peer Mentor) and offered on a credit/no-credit basis only.

Honors Core Curriculum
Six honors core courses may substitute for courses in the University Core Curriculum for Honors students in most majors.  Required honors core courses are:

Honors Colloquia
Honors College students must take two upper-division honors colloquia (2-6 credits total). These special classes, available for a maximum of 15 students, explore topics not normally offered, or not offered in depth, in the Ball State curriculum. Some colloquia are offered year after year, but many may be offered only once while you’re at Ball State.

Senior Project or Thesis
The required capstone experience for each Honors College student is a senior honors project or thesis (3 credits), which is normally completed in the seventh or eighth semester. This is an individualized opportunity to work in-depth, one-on-one with a professor of your choice on a topic that is meaningful to you. The project or thesis is usually—but not always—within your major or minor, and the form it takes depends upon your abilities and interests.