When should I sign up for HONR 499: Senior Honors Project?

Most students sign up for HONR 499 at the beginning of their senior year. If your senior year will include an off-campus internship, student teaching, or some other activity that will alter your normal schedule, you should begin planning earlier. Go ahead and choose a topic, find an advisor, and discuss your intentions with the Honors College. It is unwise to plan to do the basic work for your thesis or creative project while you are student teaching or working on an unrelated internship. If you register for 499 during that time, be sure that you have planned the bulk of your actual work for some time when you are not committed to these activities. Be sure to consult the dean or associate dean of the Honors College about your planned schedule for completing your work.

Even if you anticipate a “normal” senior year, starting early can be advantageous. Recent graduates have repeatedly stressed the importance of allowing plenty of time. Several said they found it helpful to begin work during the summer before their senior year or even during the spring semester of their junior year.