Research Paper Guidelines

If you plan to complete a research project for your senior honors thesis, it should adhere to a documentation style appropriate for the relevant field of study. It should follow, for example, such style manuals as those of the MLA, APA, or University of Chicago; a thesis on psychology will follow the style sheet appropriate to psychology. If your discipline does not recommend a specific style sheet, consult your thesis mentor about preferences; in all cases, be clear and consistent.

You must include a bibliography or a works cited page for any type of research project. This is required not just for a traditional research paper but also for such projects as a unit of lesson plans, handbook, publicity campaign, feasibility study, or any other project that incorporates material drawn from outside sources.

Will you talk to, write to, or listen to people as part of your work for your project? You may need approval for your project from the Institutional Review Board on Human Subjects Research (IRB) before you begin. If you have any questions at all, contact the IRB in Ball State’s Office of Research Integrity. Do not omit this step! Your research may be disallowed if you have not received approval prior to your actual project.

Note: The Honors College reserves the right to request revisions from a student whose thesis or creative project does not fulfill the requirements or to withhold the Honors College diploma if the thesis does not represent the capstone of the honors experience.

Printed Guide
Copies of the full Guide to the Senior Honors Thesis/Creative Project are available in the Ball Honors House. Combined with your appointment with the dean, this paper guide should answer all your questions and greatly assist you in completing your project.

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