Since 1994, the Vander Hill Award has been presented annually by Honors College students--under the auspices of the Student Honors Council--to the most outstanding honors faculty member of the academic year.

The recipient is chosen entirely by the Student Honors Council, receives an honorary engraved plaque, is honored at a luncheon sponsored by the Honors College, and is the guest of the Honors College at the next meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council.

This award is named for Distinguished Professor Emeritus C. Warren Vander Hill, former director of the honors program and former Ball State provost and vice president for academic affairs.

Vander Hill Award Winners

2017 Matthew S. Hartman, English
2016 Beth Dalton, English
2015 Peter Davis, English
2014 Paul Ranieri, English
2013 Brent Blackwell, English
2012 John Emert, Honors College
2011 Tim Berg, History
2010 Anna Priebe, English
2009 Jason Powell, History
2008 Cheryl Bove, English 
2007 William Wycislo, Modern Languages and Classics 
2006 Christine Shea, Modern Languages and Classics
2005 Steven Guy, English
2004 Larry Birkin, History
2003 Daniel Goffmann, History
2002 Laurie Lindberg, English
2001 Joanne Edmonds, Honors College
2000 Paul Chandler, Natural Resources and Environmental Management
1999 Anthony O. Edmonds, History
1998 Barbara A. Stedman, English
1997 Jon r. Hendrix, Biology
1996 Darryl Adrian, English
1995 Maude jennings, English
1994 Gary Dodson, Biology