Thanks to the generosity of Professor Joe Trimmer and his wife, Carol, a maximum of two scholarships of $1,000 each have been provided for the most outstanding Honors College theses project. One award is given for a research thesis, one is given for a creative project.  Joe Trimmer is a long-standing Honors College faculty member and the director of Ball State’s Virginia B. Ball Center for Creative Inquiry. Carol Trimmer is outreach coordinator for Indiana Public Radio WBST 92.1 at Ball State.  The winners of these awards are recognized at the annual Honors College senior recognition ceremony in April, and receive a certificate from the Trimmers commemorating the award.


  • The submitted thesis must ben the honors senior capstone project, following the procedures specified in the current Thesis Guide.  In particular, the submitted thesis should correspond to the thesis indicated by the previously submitted and approved Thesis Proposal.
  • The submitted thesis must be complete or nearly complete so that its quality can be evaluated.
  • The student must be nominated by the thesis mentor or another faculty member.  The nomination letter should provide a general assessment of the thesis quality and also address how and why this particular thesis is distinctive or outstanding compared to other theses of a similar type.  This letter should be an official letterhead, signed, and submitted in a sealed envelope with a signature across the seal.
  • The nominator must declare on this nomination form which category is most appropriate for the thesis.  The selection committees may determine that a submission best fits the other category.  Generally speaking, a research thesis emphasizes the chain of reasoning from problem to conclusion; a creative thesis emphasizes the final product.  The Thesis Guide provides further details.
  • The nominated student must be an Honors College student on track to complete the Honor College requirements and earn the Honors College Diploma or a recent December 2016 Honors College graduate.  Students who graduated prior to December 2016 are not eligible for nomination.  A thesis completed before a student's final year may be submitted when complete or nearly complete, but the thesis may not be re-submitted in a subsequent year.
  • The thesis manuscript, nomination letter, and nomination form must be submitted in print form to the Honors College no later than 5PM, Tuesday, March 28, 2017.



Please review the frequently asked questions about the Trimmer Awards, and be sure to contact the Honors College if you need more information.

Current Winners
2017    Sarah Fischer "Bird-Window Collisions on the Ball State University Campus: A Synthesis of Art and Biological Research"
           Mentor:  Sarojini Johnson and Kamal Islam
           Todd Myers "Role of Brain Glycogen as a Neuroprotective Agent Against Motor Memory Loss During Times of Hypoglycemia"
           Mentor:  Bart Pederson

Past Winners
2016    Gabrielle C. Boyd, "Nobody Panic (But the Emergency Exit is Locked): A Sketch Show"
           Mentor:  Jennifer Blackmer
           Allyson Garrett, "Breathing in Harmony": An Assessment of Unique Inspiratory Muscle Traning Techniques
           Utilized by Patients with COPD in Pulmonary Rehabilitation
           Mentor:  Nicole Koontz
    Stephanie Ann Sink, "Walt Disney, the 1964-65 World's Fair, and the Emergence of Audio-
Mentor:  Bruce Geelhoed
            Connor William Fak, "A Sentimental Journey: Rejuvenating Great American Soundscapes
            in a New Film Musical."
Mentor:  Vanessa Ament
2014    Kelly McMasters, Streets of Buenos Aires
    Mentor:  Mark Sawrie
            Brittany Russell, Spanish Heritage Language Learners in East Central Indiana: Teacher's
            Attitudes and Beliefs
    Mentor:  Lisa Kuriscak
2013    Megan Harris, Indiana's Miscegenation Laws:  An Ineffective Racist Agenda.  
            Mentor: John Scott Parkinson
            Audrey Van Acker and Alaina Hartman, Literacy in Delaware County:  Mentor: Karen Thatcher    
2012    Elise Rorick, Opening the Box:  Exploring the Myth of Pandora.  Mentor:  Jacinda Russell
2012    Tyler Wolford, Hospital.  Mentor: Christine Shea
2011    Whittley Lewis, Why No Thesis?: A Rhetorical Analysis of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.
            Mentor: Paul Ranieri (English)
            Abigail Hines, Between Beats. Mentor: Andrew Hosey (Digital Corps)
2010    Pedro Bassoe, Japanese Unfiltered: Conversational and Practical Language through Manga.
            Mentor: Guohe Zheng.
            Eric Spall, Three Camps: Drumming and Drummers in the American Civil War. Mentor: Nicole
            Etcheson (History)
2009    Richard (Shane) Kelly, Creating a New World:  Explorations of the SciFi Fantasy Genre
            Mentor: Mark Neely (English)
            Lydia Spotts,  The Csángó in GhimeČ™-Faget:  Boundary and Ethnic Definition in Transylvania.
            Mentor: James Nyce (Anthropology)
2008    Claire Buffie, create.capture.captivate (Mentor: Mark Sawrie) 
            Ashley Spencer, Constructing the Fabric of Jane Austen’s Work Today (Mentor: Joanne Edmonds)