The following questions may help you better understand the submission and selection process for the Joe and Carol Trimmer Awards for Outstanding Senior Honors Thesis or Project.

If there are two outstanding theses and no really great projects, or vice versa, will two awards be made in one category?

No. One award is given for each category. If there is only one worthy recipient, only one award will be made.

What if my thesis or project is not finished by the deadline?

If your work is sufficiently finished to allow evaluation by a committee, it can be reviewed for the award. If you will not be that far along until May, it’s likely that another thesis or project will win the award. If your project involves an event scheduled after the deadline, you can still submit your author's statement by the deadline with as much information as you know about the event, even though the event has not yet occurred.

What if my work is not quite a thesis and not quite a creative project, but something between the two?

Submit the nomination and the material. Quite a few senior honors projects blur the borders. The nominating faculty member must determine which category is most appropriate for this particular cycle and how to balance the analytical (thesis-like) portion against the creative portion. For example, if your project involves staging an event that requires extensive research, and your author's statement is a substantial research component, the committee might decide that it fits the thesis category, even though the final event is the reason you undertook the project.

Can I use a project or thesis that is not my honors senior capstone project?

No. Of course, if you have completed your honors senior capstone project during your junior year, this would qualify. But you can't use a thesis or project developed for a class or for departmental honors, for example, unless that thesis or project is also the one you submit to fulfill the Honors College senior thesis/project requirement.

What if I graduate in December?
Your work can be submitted for the competition the following spring. Please have your faculty mentor nominate your thesis or project.

What if I graduate in July?

Unfortunately, this is too late for the current year’s competition and, probably too early for the following year.  July graduation "counts" with the preceding two semesters.  If you finish your thesis in summer, but graduate the following May, you may submit your work for the following May, as described above.