First awarded in 1996, the Provost’s Prize annually honors a Ball State senior of high academic achievement, as selected by a committee of students and faculty. The committee includes one faculty member from each of the university’s academic colleges.

The prize includes a $1,000 award, which is presented by the Student Honors Council at the annual senior recognition banquet. Recipients’ names are inscribed on a plaque permanently displayed in the Honors College.

Nominees must have at least a 3.5 grade point average. In addition to academic excellence, the selection committee evaluates students’ experiences that have enhanced their educational achievement, such as fellowships, internships, overseas study, research/creative projects, work experience, awards, performance activities, and volunteer service.  The committee focuses on the way in which academic excellence combines with other opportunities--even nonacademic ones--to form a unique educational experience.

Provost's Prize Winners

2017 Tanner F. Barton, Health Science/Spanish
2016 Shay A. Stewart, Theatre
2015 Colin Hart, Theatre
2014 Matthew J. Smith, History, Political Science
2013 Audrey Van Acker, Speech/Language Pathology
2012 William Jay, Physics/German 
2011 Anne Schnitzenbaumer, Architecture
2010 Branden Clements, Architecture
2009 Kathleen Bostdorff, Telecommunications
2008 Jennifer Shea, Communication Studies
2007 Amanda Reese, Biology (genetics option)
2006 Ty Henkaline, Psychology
2005 Lori Jacquemin,  Chemistry/Biochemistry
2004 Joy Schmoll, Biology/Chemistry
2003 Christopher Stroop, German/history
2002 Carrie Conley, English
2001 Erin McMullen, English/French
2000 Marc Musteric, Japanese
1999 Sharon McGill, Graphic Design/English
1998 Rachel Popma, English
1997 Karen Mangia, International Business
1996 Ivan Dolgov, Economics