During a semester or summer at The Washington Center (TWC), students remain enrolled at Ball State and receive academic credit for their work. An intern working in either the fall or spring semester typically earns 12 hours of Ball State credit, but up to 15 hours may be earned. Summer interns usually earn 6 to 9 hours of credit. Recent graduates (who participate in the Postgraduate Professional Development Program) receive no credit.

Credits are arranged through individual departments at Ball State—usually students’ major or minor programs and always with direct relevance to the internship experience and classroom topic. Applicants should work with Ball State’s campus liaison to decide which departments and departmental advisors will be able to grant the appropriate credits.

A specific faculty member at Ball State will be responsible for each course and the reporting of a grade for that course. This faculty member is considered the “professor of record” for the course.


Recommended grades and narrative evaluations are provided to Ball State’s campus liaison by the internship supervisor, classroom instructor, and TWC internship coordinator. These recommended grades and evaluations, along with the portfolio, are used by the instructor of record to determine a grade for each course given credit through The Washington Center.

Grades and evaluations are sent to the campus liaison after the end of Ball State’s regular term. Applicants should, therefore, advise their Ball State faculty to submit an “incomplete” for each course and then change the grade later.

Graduating seniors who participate in TWC during their final semester should arrange to have grades sent to the campus liaison before the end of the term to avoid any delays in graduation.