Small Classes, Extra Attention

Journalism  0049Our students thrive in an environment of smaller classes, where instructors have plenty of time to interact personally and offer individualized attention and advice. Many of our courses are taught in laboratories and include 20 or fewer students.

Although you typically won’t apply for admission to the department’s professional programs until later in your sophomore year, your journalism experience can begin on your first day at Ball State. You must take 15 hours of prejournalism course work and are encouraged to begin doing so during your freshman year. You also are welcome to participate in student media and other student organizations as a freshman, regardless of your previous media experience.

The Ingelhart Scholars Program also contributes to the positive student experience. Each year, it identifies a group of promising journalism students entering Ball State and provides them with a more rigorous program. This group begins journalism studies together as freshmen and remain together as they through the major. A number of special experiences are available to this group.

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