Recommended Minors

Being a good advertising, journalism, or public relations professional requires a vast knowledge of the world around you. That's why we require our majors to earn at least 80 credit hours in courses outside the fields of communication. At least 65 of those hours must be liberal arts courses.

Students often benefit from a minor in a subject area related to the career field they are pursuing. For example, if you're an advertising major, you might find a minor in business or marketing beneficial, or perhaps a double-major in public relations to enhance your job prospects.

If you're in the magazine track, you might choose a minor that offers expertise in an area you're interested in writing about—perhaps health, sports, art, legal studies, business, or religion. News majors often find geography, economics, political science, or philosophy to be helpful minors.

For photojournalism, a minor in studio arts or graphic arts technology could be useful.

If public relations is your career goal, minor studies in a behavioral science or speech communication studies could enhance what you learn in your public relations courses.

If you're interested in becoming a journalism teacher, you will want to be as well-versed as possible in various aspects related to student publications, including graphic design, printing technology, and photojournalism.
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