Circle of Blue

A team of Ball State University journalism students and the online global news organization Circle of Blue are working in partnership to produce a comprehensive multimedia reporting project to document the intensifying competition between water and energy in China, and the effects of climate change in the Great Lakes region

“This is one of the decade’s biggest news, policy, and technology stories,” said J. Carl Ganter, Circle of Blue’s co-founder and managing director. “We found that over the last 15 years, China developed some of the world’s best water conservation and efficiency tools and practices to avoid the confrontation between water scarcity and rising energy demand. We also found a host of new challenges is forcing China to consider a much different approach. Ball State’s talented and motivated students will help tell that story. The results will be seen and appreciated around the world.”

This collaboration exposes students to new models of 21st century journalism. Students will gain first-hand experience with Circle of Blue’s non-profit business model, one of the ways journalism is evolving to meet the information needs of a national and global community in rapid transition.

Over the next year, students involved in this immersive learning program will produce interactive graphics and on-the-ground reporting about the growing confrontation between water, energy, and climate that is influencing the world’s two largest economies. Last year, journalism graphics students produced more than a dozen data visualization graphics to illustrate Choke Point: U.S., Circle of Blue’s comprehensive report on the confrontation between rising energy demand and diminishing freshwater reserves in the United States.

Ball State University and the Department of Journalism are committed to immersive learning experiences such as the one with Circle of Blue. The goal is to give students the opportunity to work directly with top professionals, providing authentic workplace experiences that encourage students to strengthen their technical skills as well as their capacity to perform as valued colleagues.

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