The Center for Emerging Media Design and Development has ongoing partnerships on digital media projects with a number of prominent organizations. These projects are often supported by grants and sponsorships. Our partners include:

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra: One of only 18 full-time symphonies in the United States, the ISO performs more than 200 concerts to 350,000 people each year. The ISO has partnered with us to expand its reach into digital and interactive spaces. As part of the humanities, the ISO wants to ensure that its message is delivered in aesthetically pleasing ways, which is one of our tenants. View video.

"We are excited that the skillfully designed curriculum of Ball State’s new MA in EMDD program will prepare students for exciting careers in digital storytelling through deep dives into practical application in the Creative Programs and Applied Research Labs."

—Beth Perdue Outland
Vice President of Community Engagement, and Strategic Innovation, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Circle of Blue: Founded in 2000 by leading journalists and scientists, Circle of Blue provides relevant, reliable, and actionable on-the-ground information about the world’s resource crises. Circle of Blue editors have asserted that journalism and communication students need the high-level emerging media skills we teach. Circle of Blue and EMDD students and faculty collaboratively explore novel storytelling methods for journalistic organizations.View video.

The Professor Garfield Foundation: The Professor Garfield Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational collaboration between Paws, Inc., the global headquarters for Garfielld the Cat, and Ball State University, a nationally recognized leader in teacher training and digital education. EMDD students are collaborating with Paws, Inc. and conducting research with students, parents, and teachers to re-envision the Professor Garfield content and organization architecture to position the site as a leading voice in digital literacy education. View video.

Success Quest: Success Quest is a game that uses a mix of events and challenges that explore key themes and leverage existing community resources to help high school students prepare for adult life. To build this project, we use a user-centered design approach that allows us to involve local high school and college students throughout our research, building, and testing phases to tailor the project to the needs of our specific audience. View video.