Solving the information problem is a key concern for any business or organization that relies on multimedia storytelling across digital platforms to communicate with an audience.

Traditional media outlets, hospitals, museums, corporations, and educational institutions are all a part of the digital media evolution. Solving the information problem is equal parts interaction design, digital storytelling, audience understanding, digital product development, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Carl Ganter"The most sought-after and successful media professionals are innovators who understand how to research, report, design, and disseminate information across multiple platforms and media channels. They know how to test and implement new ideas quickly. Producing these types of workers begins in the academy, and Ball State’s program is designed to give its students the emerging media skills they need to define the future of mass communication."

—J. Carl Ganter, Cofounder and Director, Circle of Blue

The master’s degree in emerging media design and development (EMDD) is a holistic learning environment, challenging traditional structures of the classroom. Through a mix of traditional course work and practical lab experiences, we promote creative problem solving and educate an advanced, graduate workforce that can apply emerging media practices to real-world strategic communication design problems.

We work closely with external partners, developed through faculty collaborations and advisory board relationships, and stay current on business and state needs and economic issues. Our partners include government agencies, corporate partners, nonprofits, and individuals.

As a student in the EMDD program, you will explore:

  • digital content development
  • design thinking
  • digital museum experiences
  • digital product development
  • emerging media and technologies
  • interaction design
  • transmedia and interactive storytelling
  • user interface development and design
  • usability and user experience design
  • web project management