MA in Journalism: Media Analytics and Management specialization

The master's degree in journalism with a specialization in media analytics and management is a 36-credit hour program.

Core curriculum (9 credit hours)

  • JOUR 601 Studies in Journalism and Communication Theory: You will explore the nature and purposes of graduate scholarly inquiry, major journalism traditions and literature, and communications theories and their applications to the study of journalism and mass communications.
  • JOUR 625 Journalistic Judgments and Sociology of News: This course explores legal and ethical decision-making affecting news operations in context of interpersonal, organizational, and cultural forces that shape the production of news.
  • JOUR 650 Media Audiences and Content Strategy: You will learn to implement content strategies to reach targeted audiences and increase audience engagement, in particular on mobile and online platforms.

Media Analytics and Management Specialization (9 credit hours)

  • JOUR 606 Media Management and Entrepreneurship: You will explore decision-making processes critical to managing in an industry in a time of transition, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • JOUR 651 Social Media Analytics and Engagement: This course explores best practices in social media analytics for journalism and strategic communications to enhance and measure audience experiences with media content on mobile and online platforms.
  • JOUR 652 Media Analytics Measurement and Data Management: You will focus on best practices in media analytics measurement for journalism and strategic communications.

Business and Entrepreneurship Electives (6 credits)

You will choose two elective courses from areas such as marketing, management, information systems, public relations, or other disciplines. Options include:

  • ICS 624 Knowledge Management
  • ICS 645 Evolving Database Systems
  • ISOM 551 Operations management
  • ISOM 654 Project management
  • MBA 601 Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • MBA 623 Electronic Commerce
  • MGT 500 Managing Organizational behavior
  • MKG 505 Survey of Marketing
  • PR 620 Seminar in Public Relations Foundations
  • PR 662 Public Relations Case Studies

Electives (3-6 credit hours)

You may take two elective courses from areas such as data journalism, emerging technologies, cross-platform storytelling, digital media instruction, or other disciplines. Options include (among others):

  • JOUR 615 Reporting and Research Methods
  • JOUR 623 Visual Storytelling
  • JOUR 643 Emerging Technologies
  • JOUR 655 Social + Cross-Media Storytelling

Research Methods (3 credit hours)

You will take a research methods course to prepare you for the capstone project.

Capstone Project (3-6 credit hours)

During your second year of graduate study, you will begin work on a capstone creative project or thesis developed in concert with a faculty advisor. You may do a practicum or an internship to add a professional, immersive experience to your credentials.