MA in Journalism: Reporting and Storytelling specialization

The master's degree in journalism with a specialization in reporting and storytelling is a 36-credit hour program.

Core curriculum (9 credit hours)

  • JOUR 601 Studies in Journalism and Communication Theory: You will explore the nature and purposes of graduate scholarly inquiry, major journalism traditions and literature, and communications theories and their applications to the study of journalism and mass communications.
  • JOUR 625 Journalistic Judgments and Sociology of News: This course explores legal and ethical decision-making affecting news operations in context of interpersonal, organizational, and cultural forces that shape the production of news.
  • JOUR 650 Media Audiences and Content Strategy: You will learn to implement content strategies to reach targeted audiences and increase audience engagement, in particular on mobile and online platforms.

Reporting and Storytelling Specialization (12 credit hours)

  • JOUR 615 Reporting and Research Methods: This course introduces in-depth reporting and research methods for data journalism, including coding, geo-mapping, and SQL.
  • JOUR 623 Visual Storytelling: This course explores the theoretical and practical aspects of journalistic information gathering and storytelling.
  • JOUR 643 Emerging Technologies: This project-oriented course is a collaborative interdisciplinary effort to research, design, develop, and study interactive content for emerging technologies.
  • JOUR 655 Social + Cross-Media Storytelling: You will focus on building a complex narrative with many voices gathered and presented across multiple media forms.

Electives (6-9 credit hours)

You may take two elective courses from areas such as journalism graphics, news management, digital media instruction, or other disciplines. Options include (among others):

  • JOUR 606 Media Management and Entrepreneurship
  • JOUR 613 Seminar in Literary Journalism
  • JOUR 614 Writing Literary Journalism
  • JOUR 651 Social Media Analytics and Engagement
  • JOUR 652 Media Analytics Measurement and Data Management

Research Methods (3 credit hours)

You will take a research methods course to prepare you for the capstone project.

Capstone Project (3-6 credit hours)

During your second year of graduate study, you will begin work on a capstone creative project or thesis developed in concert with a faculty advisor. You may do a practicum or an internship to add a professional, immersive experience to your credentials.