Have you ever read a news article, press release, or magazine and imagined yourself as the author, telling stories and the truth in a way that engaged your audience? Maybe you would like to tell your story through data and images, creating interesting infographics that entertain and educate audiences all over the world.   

Perhaps you would rather be behind the scenes, managing events or the reputation of organizations or celebrities. Or maybe you would love to create or manage ad campaigns, even those that show up during the Super Bowl.

Our students have done all the above and more. 

Chelsea Learn how Chelsea Kardokus '12, Journalism Graphics major, landed a job as an assistant art director for Time magazine while still a student at Ball State.

In Ball State’s Department of Journalism, you'll learn advertising, journalism, and public relations from their foundations in communication, persuasion, and storytelling. You will learn not only how to apply that knowledge to current best practices; you will also learn how to continually adapt your skills and lead the transformation of journalism and strategic communications in the future.

Our undergraduate majors include: 


  • Journalism Graphics - If you like designing infographics or figuring out typography for magazine layout, journalism graphics is for you.
  • Magazine Media – If you want to be a writer or an editor for a print or online magazine, including our award-winning student magazine Ball Bearings, then this is the major for you.
  • News – Our news students earn a double major in journalism and telecommunications. You will be prepared to tell stories through many different platforms.
  • Photojournalism – If you want to tell stories through photography, then photojournalism is what you should pursue.
  • Education License Addition in Journalism – Do you want to teach journalism? This program combines expertise from faculty in the Teachers College and the Department of Journalism.

Strategic Communications

  • Advertising – Whether you are interested in creating ads or managing all types of media, our advertising track will prepare you to lead the way in the world of advertising.
  • Public Relations – If you are interested in managing social media campaigns, writing press releases, or organizing coordinating organizational events, public relations is the career you should pursue.

Student Opportunities

With our national award-winning student media, highly regarded student agencies, student professional organizations, and immersive learning projects, you are surrounded by opportunities to apply what you learn in your major. You'll be primed to continue learning, adapting, and trailblazing as a practitioner at the frontiers of journalism and strategic communications.

Unified MediaUnified Media is our model for preparing students with the cross-platform news and storytelling experience needed to become leaders in the news and information industries.

Our interdepartmental news curriculum, unified media model for student media, and creative student agencies reflect our commitment to readying you for continued success in the rapidly evolving journalism and strategic communications fields.

Take the Next Step

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