In the current job market and for long-term success, two factors matter above all others—education and experience. As a journalism student at Ball State, you’ll get a strategic blend of both. You'll learn and lead. We constantly update our courses and engage practicing professionals so you can be confident your education is relevant. You'll know you're ready to enter the market and take charge because you'll have taken charge on campus.

You’ll have opportunities for immersive learning, both here and abroad. You’ll complete an internship, which is required of all journalism, advertising, and public relations students.

At virtually every turn, you’ll encounter chances to discover and do. When you graduate, you’ll have more than a diploma to show for your work. You’ll also have the hands-on, practical experience that employers so highly value—and an impressive portfolio to prove it.

Student Media Lab

Student Media

Looking for newspaper, magazine, online or mobile?

Check out our student media opportunities.

Student agency

Student Agencies

Want to build a portfolio in advertising, analytics, or public relations?

Check out our student agencies.

Student organization

Student Organizations

Want to lead a chapter of a national, student, or professional association?

Check out our student organizations.

Lecture on campus

Professionals in Residence

Our students literally learn from the pros—professionals-in-residence who provide valuable industry insight.

Students in the studio


Our second-to-none facilities and equipment assure you will be prepared to lead in your career, no matter where it takes you.