Undergraduate Journalism: Scholarships

At Ball State, our goal is to make a great education as affordable as possible. That’s why we grant up to 13 scholarships to incoming freshmen. Moreover, current students have access to more than 30 awards. 

We also offer a wide range of paid work experiences within our department. Several of these opportunities offer advertising, journalism, or public relations experience, as well as a paycheck.

Returning student scholarships

After your freshman year (and once you've been admitted to the Department of Journalism), you can apply for a number of scholarships for current or returning students. Some may be targeted to your major and/or concentration within the major. They range from $400 to $3,000.

Student employment

If you need to earn while you study, the Department of Journalism offers several opportunities to bring home a paycheck while gaining journalism or strategic communications experience.

For example, The Ball State Daily News has numerous paid positions, allowing you to hone your journalism skills and earn money simultaneously. Paid positions are also available within other student media—particularly for those in leadership roles.

As a journalism student, you’ll also enjoy priority status for secretarial and lab jobs within the department.