It’s critical for journalists, public relations, and advertising professionals to be globally literate—that is, to understand and think critically about the world at large. And there’s no better way to achieve global literacy than by studying abroad.

Ball State offers you a wealth of opportunities to study in other countries. Start by reviewing the Rinker Center for International Programs, where you’ll find a long list of study-abroad programs of varying lengths, locations, and costs. Options include exchange programs, programs at a Ball State center, field studies, and immersive learning courses. Most offer academic course credit.

Departmental study abroad opportunities in the last several years have included immersive learning projects such as BSU at the Games (London) and BSU at the Games (Sochi, Russia), which sent dozens of students to the Olympics to generate feature stories for press outlets in the United States. Our recurring Spring Break in Budapest specialty reporting course has addressed environmental journalism and travel journalism with real-world reporting experience during a week in Hungary. 

The goal of every study-abroad program is the same, broadly speaking: to equip you with the global perspective you’ll need to become not only a successful professional but also an industry leader.