There are lots of healthy reasons to pursue studies in the School of Kinesiology. Perhaps you’re planning a career as a physical education teacher or a sport administrator. Maybe your interest lies in athletic training or the field of exercise and fitness. Perhaps aquatics management is your goal. Maybe your major is something completely different, and you just need to build some structured physical activity into your busy student schedule. We answer each of these needs, and more.

We offer five undergraduate majors

Majors seeking extra intellectual challenge in their studies may enroll in the school’s honors program.

We also welcome those who wish to minor in aquatics, applied gerontology, scuba, or coaching. Minors appeal to a wide range of students; for example, a criminal justice and criminology major might minor in the aquatics scuba option as preparation for underwater investigation, or a student eager to work in any number of health or physical education settings might minor in sports medicine to broaden his or her understanding of injury prevention, biomechanics, and exercise nutrition.

We offer four distinct graduate programs:

No matter what your major is, you might need some help building healthy activity into your schedule. Physical Fitness and Wellness is a 2-credit course that includes an hour of instruction and two hours of physical activity every week, including swimming, aerobics, jogging, or physical conditioning.