Alex Bureau


Undergraduate Institution:  James Madison University 
Major: BA in Psychology
Year entered BSU: 2015
Degree at BSU: Masters in Sport and Exercise Psychology
Jobs/GA at BSU: Graduate Assistant for Dr. Razon and teaching assistant in PFW Fitness Walking. 
Research at BSU: I have not started research at BSU yet, but I am hoping to continue my research from my undergraduate institution. 
Personal Research Interests:     I wrote my senior undergraduate thesis on “passion for activities.” I am looking to continue observing this construct in the realm of sport. 
Advice for Future Students:  Remember that you are in grad school to learn. Even if you mess up or fail, realize that it is all part of the learning process.
Career Interests: I would really enjoy working with professional sports teams. Otherwise, I would be happy doing anything with ice hockey, which is my favorite sport and a passion of mine.