The internship is required as a basic component of the graduate program in Wellness Management at Ball State University. The internship (WELN 698) is a six credit hour laboratory experience designed to help you blend academic knowledge, skills, and professional experiences in a meaningful and functional manner. It presents opportunities to assist in the planning, implementation, management, and evaluation of wellness programs. Because the effectiveness of a wellness management practitioner is highly influenced by the mix of academic and work settings, you should carefully select an internship site which closely matches your skills, interests, and career endeavors. The selection of an internship site is critical to your success and the continued success of the internship program. Thus, the internship program is a collaborative effort between the Wellness Management program, the host agency (internship site), and you.

Through internship opportunities wellness management students develop knowledge, skills, and first-hand abilities in a quality work setting. The relationship with the host agency is one we consider a critical partnership in educating and training future health promotion and wellness management professionals, and we look forward to a mutually beneficial association in our endeavor.


Jane Ellery, Ph.D.
Program Director of Wellness Management
School of Kinesiology

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