Aquatics School Schedule  May 6-13 (Sun-Sun), 2018

Session I - 07:00-13:00, Daily

  •  AQUA 454 - Swimming Pool Operation and Maintenance - Provides information on pool circulation, filtration, sanitation, and administrative procedures for the pool operator or aquatics specialist. Opportunity to earn operation credentials with successful completion. 3.000 Credit hours

Session II - 08:00 - Noon, Daily

  • AQUA 120A - Special Topics in Aquatics - The purpose of this course is to provide the Aquatic Professional advanced knowledge of techniques used in aquatic related situations.2.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 456 - Camp Waterfront Administration - An introduction to the operation maintenance, safety and staffing of waterfronts at camps. 2.000 Credit hours
  • PEP 250 - First Aid - First aid, CPR, and Bloodborne Pathogens Training and certification as outlined by nationally recognized agencies. Designed for majors or minors in the School of Kinesiology. Core Transfer Library: Health and Physical Education (IHP 1401) Not open to students who have credit in HSC 250.  2.000 Credit hours

Session III - 13:00-17:00 AND 18:00-22:00, Daily

  • AQUA 216 - Lifeguard Training - Teaches the skills and knowledge necessary to become a certified lifeguard. Includes CPR, FA, AED, 02, and PDT Training. Advanced topics include techniques for open water and surf rescue. Optional certification fee. Prerequisite: successful completion of intermediate swimming skills test. 3.000 Credit hours  
  • AQUA 315 - Water Safety Instructor (WSI) - Swimming and rescue skills necessary to complete certification for a Water Safety Instructor program. Emphasizes a broad range of other aquatic experiences and teaching methodologies. Optional certification fee. Prerequisite: successful completion of swimming test. 3.000 Credit hours 
  • AQUA 404 - Lifeguard Instructor (LGI) - Trains students to be Lifeguard Instructors. Training includes LG, CPR, FA, AED, 02, and PDT skills. Advanced topics include open water and surf techniques. Certification available upon successful completion. Optional certification fee. 3.000 Credit hours

Session IV - 18:00 - 22:00, Daily

  • AQUA 220 - Open Water Scuba - Beginning scuba composed of lecture sessions, confined water (pool), and open water sessions. Provides a level of understanding to participate in skin and scuba diving activities safely. Special fee required. Prerequisite: successful completion of entry-level skills test. 2.000 Credit hours


Ball State Students for CREDIT: Register as normal for college credits in banner.  Registration may be processed online or at the registration office in Lucina Hall (LU B43).

NON-CREDIT or Certification Course Enrollment: A $200 per course fee is assessed.  Contact Lee Yarger.

Registration fees do not include textbooks, housing, diving, or certification fees.  If you are a community member under the age of 18 a parent or legal guardian must accompany you to all classes.  

Courses that denote the use of training agency curriculum and certifications are taught to training agency standards for the certification portion of the class. Any other requirements for Ball State University credit are separated to ensure the integrity of the training agency's curriculum.

For more information contact Leland Yarger.