This certification includes the following content:  SCUBA diving knowledge, skills and abilities including diver rescue, accident management, advanced topics and capabilities. : Lifesaving knowledge skills and abilities including prevention, recognition, rescues and pre-EMS care.  

  • AQUA 216 - Lifeguard Training Teaches the skills and knowledge necessary to become a certified lifeguard. Includes CPR, FA, AED, 02, and PDT Training. Advanced topics include techniques for open water and surf rescue. Optional certification fee. Prerequisite: successful completion of intermediate swimming skills test. 3.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 220 - Open Water Scuba Beginning scuba composed of lecture sessions, confined water (pool), and open water sessions. Provides a level of understanding to participate in skin and scuba diving activities safely. Special fee required. Prerequisite: successful completion of entry-level skills test. 2.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 221 - Advanced SCUBA Diver Series of open water dives and lectures on advanced diving and lifesaving subjects. Optional certification fee. Prerequisite: AQUA 220 or basic level certification with permission of the instructor. 2.000 Credit hours

  • AQUA 224 - Divemaster Provides knowledge and practical experience needed to lead scuba activities. Includes experience in classroom, pool, and open water activities. Prerequisite: AQUA 221 or permission of the program coordinator. 2.000 Credit hours
  • AQUA 260 - Emergency/Medical Responder Provides knowledge and experiences in Emergency Medical Responder skills. Instruction includes training in assessment, CPR, First Aid, Automated External Defibrillation, Oxygen administration, and other advanced care. This is not a state-sanctioned Emergency Medical Responder course. 3.000 Credit hours