When you study mathematics, you broaden your horizons and develop critical thinking skills necessary in today’s increasingly complex world—both in business and industry as well as your own personal life. Mathematics is key to solving problems, developing solutions, and building a better tomorrow. Explore how studying mathematics can benefit a variety of disciplines and offer a wide range of career opportunities.

At Ball State, we take pride in giving you the very best educational opportunities. In your freshman year and as you proceed through your studies, you will be in a supportive environment, complementing our great academic programs.

Our actuarial science program is tops in the nation and taught by more faculty with the Fellow designation than any other program in the United States. Plus, we will prepare you to take professional exams.

Our mathematical sciences and mathematics education programs also benefit from strong faculty. We are one of the few programs to offer a master's degree in mathematics education specifically for elementary and middle school teachers. All students pursuing our department’s majors benefit from small class sizes and attention from faculty.

We’ll help you gain hands-on experience through internships and provide opportunities for you to pursue research in your area of interest.