Math2 175

Colloquium Schedule

Our Faculty Colloquium Series features occasional research oriented lectures intended primarily for faculty and graduate students. Advanced undergraduates are encouraged to attend as well. The lectures are presented by Ball State faculty and visiting faculty from other institutions.

Thursday, March 6, RB 449, 1:00-1:50pm
Dr. Katsuya Eda (Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan)
Title: “Infinite-sheeted coverings over solenoids (group-structures and coverings)”

Thursday, March 27, RB 449, 1:00-1:50pm
Dr. Rahmatullah Imon (Ball State University)
Title: “Analyzing Length-Biased Data: A Study on Lengths of Peas Plants”

Thursday, April 3, RB 449, 1:00-1:50pm
Dr. Anindya Bhadra (Purdue University)
Title: “High-dimensional Joint Bayesian Variable and Covariance Selection: Applications in eQTL Analysis and Cancer Genomics”

Thursday, April 10, RB 449, 1:00-1:50pm
Sabbatical Presentation
Dr. Munni Begum (Ball State University)
Title: “Quantification of Gene Isoforms from RNA-Seq data and Its Impact Downstream Analysis”

Thursday, April 17, RB 449, 1:00-1:50pm
Sabbatical Presentation
Dr. Rich Stankewitz (Ball State University)
Title: “The Backward Iteration Chaos Game for Julia sets of Rational Semigroups”

Monday, September 8, LB112, 10:00-10:50am
Dr. Claudio Gorodski (University of São Paulo)
Title:  “A metric approach to representations of compact Lie groups”

Thursday, October 23, RB 447, 1:00-1:50pm
Dr. Cornelia Van Cott (University of San Francisco)
Title: “Knots, surfaces, and the fourth dimension”

Sabbatical Presentation
Dr. Sheryl Stump (Ball State University)
Title: “Prospective Elementary Teachers’ Specialized Content Knowledge of Fractions

An abstract for each talk will be linked approximately a week ahead of the scheduled date.