Information Systems Advisory Board

The Information Systems Advisory Board has been the primary point of contact between industry and the Department of ISOM for providing advice, resources, guest speakers for classes, funding for scholarships for outstanding ISOM students, field trip opportunities, internships, and faculty consulting opportunities. The board also ensures that the information systems curriculum meets the needs of employers.

Board members represent a good mix of various types of industries to provide a broad perspective. For example, they include managers, executives in the field, chief operating officers, partners in consulting firms, recent graduates, and current students.

Present Information Systems Board members are:

Bob Connors
First Merchants Corporation 
  Matt Morris '08
Mobius Vendor Partners
Kevin Davis '06
Target Corporation
  Fred Nay
Ball State University 
Tammy Estep '86, '92
Ball State University
  Joel Patrick
Verallia / Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.
Stephan H. Fluhler '03
First Merchants Corporation
  Ronald W. Pelletier
Kyle Hayden '08
Dell/Infastructure Services Delivery
  Michael Reynolds '99
Clayton Johnson '07
Rolls-Royce Corp
  Pam Roscoe
Verallia / Saint Gobain Containers, Inc.
Barb King '86
       Melissa Stratton
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
Tim Konopinski '94
ITT Educational Services, Inc.
  Alan B. Vicstein
Verallia / Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.
Brian Kovacs
Walker Information, Inc.
  Jason Westrick '01
BIS Helps Manager
Jenn Langford '07
Indiana University Health
  Erin R. Willard '95
Eli Lilly & Company
John Mickle '95
Mutual Bank
  Jenson Zhao
Ball State University