Our students often bring fresh ideas to a company, and they are energetic and eager to learn and try new things. Many companies use interns for specific projects (analysis, research, marketing, operational, etc.), and it’s a great way to identify candidates for future full-time positions.

In the Miller College of Business, interns are available with the following undergraduate majors:

Additionally, full time students in the master of business administration and master of science in accounting programs can also take internships.

Although unpaid internships are acceptable, we suggest that the student receive a fair salary during the internship period. When appropriate, departmental representatives will discuss the issue with prospective employers and a mutually satisfactory rate of compensation will be established. If it is an unpaid internship, all efforts should be made for a quality experience.

Length of Internship
The employer, the intern, and the department must agree upon the exact duration of the internship for the purpose of establishing the amount of credit to be earned. When possible, the length of time of the internship will conform to a Ball State semester.

Timing and Schedules
Internships typically take place during the summer, spring, and fall semesters. The length of an internship may vary and can be determined by the employers’ needs. A typical internship can be part time (10-30 working hours) or full time (40 working hours) during the spring and fall semesters. Summer internships tend to be full time.

With advance planning, interns can plan their school and work schedules to accommodate the employer as much as possible. A typical work schedule will often be three days a week with the student taking classes the other two days.

Responsibilities of the Employer
Companies that participate in our internship program will accept the following responsibilities:

  • provide the intern with carefully planned, varied assignments that enhances the educational experience
  • provide the intern and faculty supervisor with a written job description (also referred to as a learning agreement)
  • supervise the intern's work  in a manner that gives value to the learning experience
  • explain work rules and standards of conduct to the intern
  • evaluate the intern's work and discuss the results with him or her
  • furnish reports, in a timely manner, to the department which will include:
    • evaluations of the intern’s ability, attitude, and performance on the department's or the company's rating scale
    • suggestions for the improvement of the internship program

    Creating an Internship
    If you are interested in creating an internship and would like to share it with Miller College students, please contact the faculty internship coordinator in the internship's area of study.