Internships are available to all majors and some minors. We recommend them for the hands-on experience you will get in the business world.

  1. Fulfill requirements and prerequisites in your major.
  2. Search and secure an internship (see section below for helpful information).
  3. Obtain an Internship Eligibility Form from your respective department according to your area of study for your major or minor. 
  4. Upon approval from your department's internship coordinator, take your Internship Eligibility Form to the faculty internship coordinator assigned to your major. The coordinator will review your plans, oversee the educational aspect of the internship, and give you your final grade.

Searching for an Internship
You should begin looking at internship postings several months in advance. Just like your future job search, you want to find a position that fits your personality and meets your educational objectives. At any time during this process you may contact your department to suggest companies to contact; however, you are ultimately expected to identify, contact, and arrange interviews with companies.

You will need a resume and good interviewing skills. Ball State University’s Career Center can help you prepare for your internship search. The Career Center also coordinates on-campus interviews with companies looking to hire interns. When you register with Cardinal Career Link, you will be able to see upcoming interview dates as well as current internship postings.

Because no single list will show all companies offering internships, you should look in a variety of places. You should also contact businesses you’re interested in and see if they have an internship program. If a company you contact has any questions about our internship program, refer them to your faculty intership coordinator.

MBA Study Looking for an Internship?
Internship information for graduate and MBA students can be obtained online or from the Miller College of Business Dean's Office.