Enrollment in business courses 300-499 is limited to:

  • students who have fulfilled Miller College of Business admission standards
  • non-business students who are pursing a Miller College minor
  • non-business students who are pursuing a major that may require a specific 300/400 level business course
  • non-business students who have met all course prerequisites for any 300/400 level business course

Here are the requirements and prerequisites for each of the internships we offer. For more information, consult the internship coordinator in your department.

ACC 369: Internship in Accounting
Admitted into the major, successfully completed Intermediate Accounting 1 (ACC 301) and permission from the accounting internship coordinator.

BUSAD 369: Internship in Business Administration
Business administration majors, permission from the department chairperson or internship coordinator.

ECON 369: Internship in Economics
Economics majors or minors, Intermediate Microeconomics or Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECON 301 or 302), second-semester junior or senior standing and permission of the department chairperson.

FIN 369: Internship in Finance
Principles of Finance 1 (FIN 300), second-semester junior or senior standing, permission of the department chairperson.

INTBA 369: Internship in International Business
International business majors or minors, permission of the department chairperson or internship coordinator.

ISOM 369: Internship in Information Systems and Operations Management
Permission of the department chairperson.

MBA 699: Internship in Business
Miller College of Business students or by permission of the Miller College director of graduate studies.

MGT 369: Management Internship
Permission of the department chairperson or internship coordinator, human resource management majors who have taken Managing Behavior in Organizations (MGT 300) or entrepreneurship majors who have taken Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Innovation (MGT 346).

MKG 367 or 369: Non-paid Internship in Marketing or Professional Practice in Marketing
Open only to marketing majors or minors. Principles of Marketing (MKG 300), permission of the department chairperson or internship coordinator.

RMI 369: Internship in Risk Management and Insurance
Permission of the risk management and insurance faculty.