Purpose:   Women in Business strives to empower members to become future leaders in the business world despite gender-related barriers. 

Activities:  In today’s society where women still make a lower wage percentage than their male colleagues and less than 10% of the Fortune 500 companies are owned by females, Women in Business strives to provide an environment where female business students can gain the confidence to overcome gender barriers. Women in Business does this by facilitating discussions with successful businesswomen, organizing professional development activities, and encouraging its members to speak up for themselves and future generations.   

Eligibility:   Although the workshops and speakers are tailored for females pursuing a business degree, Women in Business is open to all majors and genders.     

History:   Women in Business was established in 2014 by Sara Binkley, Liz DiGennaro, and Emily Halley to empower female business students to recognize their potential and worth in the business world.  

Spring 2016 Meeting Time: Wednesdays at 5:00 in WB 142   

Faculty adviser: Stacey Schetzsle