Global Mindset

Learn more about Ball State education in a war zone.

Miller College explores the world and invites the world in.

There’s a lot one can learn about the world of business without ever setting foot outside the Whitinger Business Building. But that wouldn’t really be the Ball State brand of educating.

Here, a big part of learning is the experience that can be acquired outside of the textbooks and classroom lectures. Miller College means venturing out into the world and inviting the world to the campus.

“Given how international business has become, even if you’re dealing with a company in Indianapolis or Chicago, you’re going to have to interact with suppliers and customers from outside the U.S.,” says Mark Myring, director of graduate studies in accounting at the Miller College of Business. That’s a great reason to learn as much as possible about business around the world.

Meet Zeynep Karaca from Turkey and explore her Miller College experiences. She is a second-year graduate student in accounting.
Higher education builds bridges between cultures, enabling greater understanding and closer cooperation, adds Fred Kitchens, associate professor of information systems. “Education is one of those areas that goes beyond political and geographic boundaries.”

Getting away from campus and out into the world is the best way to really understand other cultures, says recent MBA graduate Mark Ratzlaff.

“Business concepts are identical throughout the world—however, cultural differences greatly impact the way businesses are run and the way people live, think, work, and play,” he says.

A study trip this past summer gave students a valuable and unforgettable look inside the business and culture of Brazil, while a semester-long experience to Prague this fall will immerse more business students in the culture and economy of Eastern Europe. Check out a photo gallery of their experiences. The college also attracts students from afar and operates a 1-2-1 program with universities in China. 

“Overseas education and overseas job experiences are not only important for individual progress but also have important effects on increasing international understanding and establishing peace in the long term.”—Ayaegul Karaeminogvllari, 2009-10 Ball State graduate and MBA student.
And faculty members are embarking on a three-year project to help university colleagues in Iraq modernize higher education—an effort that promises to pay dividends in Muncie as well.

Miller College also attracts and welcomes scholars and visitors from around the world. The faculty includes individuals from countries as diverse as Romania, Ethiopia, and Bangladesh. Every year, visiting professors and Fulbright Scholars bring an international perspective on business issues.