Lee Spector

Lee Spector

Professor of Economics



Room:WB 115


Lee Spector, professor of economics, received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in 1985. Before joining Ball State in 1985, he taught at State University College, Buffalo, New York (1973-1979) and University of Iowa (1979-1985). His fields of interest include macroeconomics, monetary theory, and labor economics. Spector's current research includes a macroeconomic model with endogenous labor force, participation behavior, and an econometric estimation of the expected real interest rate. He received Dean's Teaching Award in multiple years.

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Course Schedule
Course No. Section Times Days Location
Elementary Macroecon 202 06 1230 - 1345 T R WB, room 142
Elementary Macroecon 202 07 1400 - 1515 T R WB, room 140
Intermediate Macroec 302 01 1400 - 1450 M W F WB, room 200
Senior Honors Projec 499 09N 0000 - 0000