Faculty Course Buyouts Policy

The Miller College of Business is strongly supportive of faculty efforts to secure external funds. The college has historically made accommodations to facilitate sponsored research projects and other activities which support the Miller College of Business mission and plans to continue to do so in the future. Examples of these types of activities covered through this policy would include but not be limited to:

  • sponsored external research
  • sponsored external programs and activities in service to academic and professional organizations

Faculty may petition the dean to reduce their teaching loads in order to conduct sponsored activity, if the following conditions are satisfied:

(i) both the department chair and the dean are notified in writing of the request no later than ninety days prior to the start of the semester for which a course reduction is requested,

(ii) the project is one that can be reasonably expected to advance and enhance the professional knowledge and prestige of both the faculty member and the college, and

(iii) the funding to purchase the course buyout is secured. The cost for each course reduced will be one quarter of the faculty member's academic year salary per semester, plus the same fraction of the fringe benefits that apply.

The dean, in consultation with the department chair, will decide on each course buyout request, according to the needs of the college available of additional resources and needs of individual departments.