Hall of Fame Use Policy


The following policy statements are to be followed in scheduling activities in the Hall of Fame room. The various policy statements will be changed as the need arises or at such times that a specific policy statement is no longer operable.

  1. The Hall of Fame Room (HOF) is to be used primarily for college and university meetings and for special events which necessitate a more formal room arrangement. Though not exhaustive, the following list represents examples:
    1. College meetings (P & T, commencement, scholarship)
    2. University meetings (UEC, GEC, Senate subcommittees)
    3. Seminars with guest speakers, faculty-sponsored debates
    4. Faculty organized or sponsored professional meetings (Local CPA)
  2. Events or activities which will not allow the scheduling of the HOF room follow:
    1. a. Classes (classroom presentations by students)
    2. b. Student organization meeting
  3. Organizations or persons sponsoring activities or events in the HOF room will be responsible for any damage to furnishings and will be billed accordingly.
  4. Approval and administration of this policy and scheduling of HOF room will be the responsibility of the associate dean.
  5. The effective date of this policy statement is September 12, 2013