Retired Faculty Office Space

Over time a few retired faculty members requested and were granted office space.  The space was granted provisionally and retirees were told they would have to give up the space at anytime that the department/college needed it.  

Now with an aging faculty, the Leadership Team has determined it is time for a specific policy.  With approximately one-third of the faculty now 60 or older, the prospects of being able to provide retirees with office space are very problematic.

Therefore, the following policy is being implemented effective with 2005-06 retirees.
  1. Individual office space will not be provided to retirees.
  2. A shared office will be available for retirees for duration of three years after retirement.
  3. Requests for shared office space should be made in writing to the department chair and dean.
  4. The shared office can be recalled at anytime that the MCOB needs the space.
  5. The shared office is not designed as a depository for retirees’ materials and archives, but rather it is space for retirees to continue their academic pursuits through teaching, research, or service in conjunction with the college/university.
  6. Any exception to this policy must be submitted in writing and will be adjudicated by the Leadership Team.