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Student Use of Technology (laptops, cell phones, PDAs, etc.) in the Classroom

The Miller College of Business is committed to providing a learning and research environment that both encourages and facilitates the use of technology by faculty and students.  With the increasing use of technology, the need for the responsible use of such technology has likewise increased.  Within the classroom, any technology used by students (laptops, cell phones, PDAs, etc.) should relate to the specific course and should not be disruptive/distracting to ones self, peers, or faculty.    Each MCOB faculty member is responsible for establishing and communicating via the syllabus a technology use policy that will define or limit the appropriate use of technology by students in the classroom consistent with the needs of the specific course.  Students are further reminded that any use of technology in violation of the Ball State University Academic Ethics Policy on Academic Dishonesty will not be tolerated.

Adopted 11/1/06