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Teaching Evaluation

The Miller College of Business recognizes the importance of teaching in fulfilling its mission.  Evaluation of teaching provides feedback to the faculty, enabling them to develop to their fullest potential and to provide the best possible educational experience to the students they serve.  In addition, the college expects faculty members to continually evaluate their own teaching and to strive to improve the quality of their instruction.


The evaluation of teaching in the College of Business, in addition to providing feedback for the faculty, will provide information for personnel decisions such as promotion, tenure, and merit pay.  The process will include methods and procedures that measure teaching competence, content relevance, and delivery methods for all faculty members.  The process will include student evaluations and other methods of evaluation.


Because the nature of teaching evaluation is complex and multifaceted, the evaluation process shall include uniformly administered student evaluations and at least one other method to be determined by the faculty of each department.  Specific implementation procedures will be communicated to the faculty.  These procedures will reflect the following provisions:

  1. Each faculty member shall encourage evaluations of teaching for every course for semester, which will be conducted online by the university.
  2. The process shall include student evaluation of teaching, using a single instrument for all departments in the college and a procedure that is uniformly applied and appropriately communicated to the faculty.
  3. To assure academic integrity, adherence to curriculum guidelines, and evaluation of factors that students should not be expected to evaluate, each department shall develop and approve a process that includes one of the following additional procedures:
    1. Peer review
    2. Chair review of teaching
    3. Peer and chair review of teacher-prepared documentation
    4. Other procedures, such as a pre-test/post-test, approved by the faculty of a department
  4. Confidentiality if evaluations shall be maintained through a system that limits distribution of evaluation information to the faculty member being evaluated and specifically designated other individuals.  The results of evaluations shall be made available to the faculty member, the department chair, the Dean of the College of Business, and appropriate committees that are required to evaluate faculty members’ performance and to make tenure, promotion, and salary recommendations.

Procedures for administering evaluations shall follow approved University guidelines for conducting teaching evaluations and approved Miller College of Business implementation procedures.  

Adopted by the Miller College of Business Faculty

September 12, 2013