Most faculty research projects require the use of resources of some kind, for example:

  • databases;
  • funds for printing and mailing surveys;
  • student assistance in collecting and compiling data;
  • data entry and analysis;
  • and other activities.

Rather than using valuable faculty time and energy in finding sources to fund these types of resources, the MCOB established a Faculty Research Support Fund to assist faculty in completing high quality and timely research activities. You can fill out the proposal for research support.  The proposal suggests a process for providing these funds to faculty to support their research activities, and details the information necessary from the faculty member to acquire these funds. The administration of this fund would be under the auspices of the Faculty Development Committee.

Other Grant Opportunities
Sponsored Programs Office offers a wide variety of grant searching and proposal development tools to Ball State University faculty. If you are interested in considering one of these opportunities, visit their website for updated information and application guidelines.

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