Scholarship Incentive and Recognition Award

The dean’s office is instituting an award to encourage and reward faculty and staff of Miller College to showcase their scholarly work in selected journals. These journals are widely recognized as leading peer-reviewed publishing outlets.

The Award
Any Miller College of Business faculty or staff member publishing peer-reviewed articles in any of the journals specifically listed for this award will receive a $2,000 prize. There is no limit to the number of awards a person may receive.

The journals eligible for this award are listed for reference.

Award Eligibility
Author(s) can claim the prize in one of three ways

  1. Monetary prize
  2. To use for academic activities (e.g., travel, professional association memberships, journal subscriptions, database purchases, etc.)
  3. To reduce teaching obligation (subject to the approval of the associate dean and the appropriate department chair) by one course for every $4,000 of prize money secured.

The author’s affiliation on the manuscript must show Miller College of Business, Ball State University, and he or she must be employed by the college at the time the prize is claimed.

In case of multiple-authored articles, the amount will be shared equally among the authors. Co-authors from outside the Miller College are not eligible for any portion of the award.

Items eligible for this award are peer-reviewed articles. Letters to the editor(s), notes, commentaries, book reviews, opinion pieces, critiques, and the like are not eligible for this award.

The award is available for manuscripts accepted after May 1, 2010.

This program will continue unless formally terminated. The program may be discontinued with at least one year’s notice.

The rules of the program, the procedures, and the journal list may be revised any time as appropriate.

This program is administered through the Office of the Dean, Miller College.

Authors interested in the award must submit

  1. The SIRA Award form (PDF)

  2. Present a letter or communication of final acceptance from the editor of the journal to the Office of the Dean

  3. Provide a copy of the final accepted manuscript or actual published copy of the article

  4. Select their preferred method of award reception

  5. Present their scholarship at a Miller College seminar within a year of the publication or acceptance.

When the manuscript is published, a copy of the publication should be provided to the dean’s office.

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